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voltmeister is a training and engineering service provider specialized in the automotive high-voltage industry.
We support companies in the development of HV systems and in working safely in the HV environment.

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  • Design and construction of HV-systems
  • Test and validation of components and vehicles
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  • Occupational health and safety on HV-systems
  • Working under live high voltage
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  • Training for work on HV-systems
  • Training development

As a specialised engineering service provider in the field of high-voltage systems, voltmeister supports you in the development of HV systems.
With years of experience in the automotive industry, we develop and test complete and partial HV systems, HV test benches and rest bus simulations for you.

voltmeister was founded in 2021 by Daniel Ettenhuber. Originally planned as a consulting company for commercial electromobility and electric commercial vehicles, he soon realized the great need for training and consulting on the subject of HV safety. A strategic reorientation followed in 2023, combined with the first expansion of the team.

Thanks to the expertise, experience and professional competence of our employees, and our close network and good cooperation with freelance specialists, we can deliver high-quality solutions for your projects in a short time.

Additional to our full-stack development projects, voltmeister supports you in developing safe HV systems.

  • Review of HV safety measures in the HV subsystem and in the vehicle
  • Identification of flaws, implementation of improvement measures
  • Support in the preparation of the UNECE-R100 homologation
  • Coordination of development service providers and suppliers
  • Quality management in the development process
  • Development of vehicle construction, commissioning and service processes
  • Planning and preparation of test events
  • Preparation of risk assessments for test events
  • Coordination of measurement and testing technology
  • Preparation of test vehicles
  • Carrying out tests on test benches, proving grounds and on public roads
  • Analysis and documentation of anomalies and error patterns
  • Creation of rescue data sheets and rescue guidelines in accordance with ISO 17840 for motorsport and small series vehicles, customised vehicle conversions or retrofit vehicles
  • Development of emergency measures and recovery concepts for electric vehicles involved in accidents
  • Identification and labelling of prototype vehicles

Training range:

  • Work on HV systems according to DGUV I 209-093 (E – 3E)
  • Work on H2 systems according to FBHM-099 (E – 3E)
  • Automotive electrics / electronics
  • Automotive diagnostics and programming

Development of  individual training concepts and contents tailored to your needs for automotive, aerospace and marine applications.

Construction and production of training and demonstration models.

  • Review of the operational HV organization in accordance with German laws, standards and specifications
  • Identification of flaws, implementation of improvement measures
  • Preparation of the necessary processes, records and documents
  • Support with process adjustments
  • Coaching of the responsible persons
  • Interim management in the HV organization (FHV)
  • HV safety audits

Working on live HV systems like HV batteries (RESS) and damaged electric vehicles

  • Work preparation (risk assessment, work instructions)
  • Organisation of the work (assignment, supervision)
  • Selection of suitable protective and testing equipment
  • Instruction of the employees working on live HV systems

We support you not only in the preparation process, but also by working on live HV systems, either as a complete service or in collaboration with your employees.

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